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Established in November of 2009 by a group of free throw masters and world record holders with a mission to improve free throw shooting at all levels.



The NBSA was established in November, 2009 by a group of free throw masters and world record holders who are passionate about the art and the importance of shooting a basketball and specifically focused on improving free throw shooting results.

NBSA's Vision: To increase awareness of the importance of improving free throw shooting skills for team and individual success and to see an increase in free throw shooting percentages at all levels of play.

NBSA's Mission: To be a membership organization comprised of people passionate about free throw shooting and to provide the high quality instructional assistance, educational content and organized competitive tournament events needed to significantly improve free throw shooting results. 

NBSA is a non-profit, 501(C)6 association. NBSA is a community of basketball free throw shooting players, coaches and manufacturers with a Board of Directors and by-laws consistent with its mission.

With 26.2 million total participants and 17.6 million core participants, Basketball remained the favorite team sport in the U.S. in 2008, according to the most recent data from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association's (SGMA) Sports Participation in America report.

Globally, over 50 million people are basketball participants, second most popular team sport in the world (to soccer).

NBSA is the organization for those who strive to improve, or teach others to improve their Free Throw Shooting. Through NBSA, participants can access the path to what may be the only element of the only sport “Where Perfection is Attainable.”

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of the sport of basketball, one of its fundamental skills - Free Throw Shooting – hasn’t appreciably improved, and in fact, has declined. Free throw shooting had become a lost art, an instructional stepchild to slam dunks and 3-point shooting.

Free Throw Percentage in the NBA for all players is just 72.8%. In 1989-90, the percentage in the NBA was 76.4% for all players.

The highest overall free throw percentage for Men's NCAA Division I was in 1979 - 69.7%. It declined to 67.4% in 1997 and has stayed at that level since.

Women's NCAA Division I high was 1992 - 67.3%. They declined to 66.4% in 1997 and have remained level.

It is estimated that high school free throw percentage across the board, nationwide, for both boys and girls, is less than 60%.

Other free throw statistics -

21% of all points scored in a game are at the free throw line. (Do any coaches spend 21% of their offensive practice time making free throws?)

35% of all points scored in the last 5 minutes of a game are free throws.

50% of all points scored in the last 2 minutes of a game are free throws.

68% of all points scored in the last 1 minute of a game are free throws.

Free throws become exponentially more important in the closing minutes of games.

While the free throw is one of the most important skills in basketball, surprisingly, every skill in basketball has improved except the free throw. Free Throw Shooting is often ignored by mainstream basketball coaches - many enamored with their own “X’s and O’s.” And Free Throw Shooting is equally ignored by players who covet 3-point shots and slam-dunks.

But increasingly Free Throw Shooting wins or loses close games. Everybody wants to step to the line and knock down their free throws - especially in the 4th quarter, down the stretch with the game on the line. Some believe this is sports most pressurized moment – when the athlete is challenged to make an unobstructed, unchallenged shot.

In the final quarter of any basketball game, making free throws not only becomes a team's primary weapon for scoring points but making free throws ultimately spells the difference between winning and losing. In a close game, the team that successfully makes more free throws near the end of the game is almost always the team that wins.

The reality is that Free Throw Shooting is a vital segment of basketball. Players with the ability to successfully shoot free throws will more often than not find themselves on the court during the closing minutes of close games.

The NBSA believes that basketball players of all abilities desire to improve their skill levels, especially shooting. NBSA further believes that Free Throw Shooting is a skill more specialized than generally understood and that the potential for improvement among players of all ages and ability – is significant.

NBSA’s Founding Members have proven - by accomplishment and without doubt – that success at shooting free throws can be achieved by anybody with two important caveats: (i) proper instruction, and (ii) willingness to work.

NBSA will conduct a substantial, national promotional campaign to stress the importance of Free Throw Shooting and to position NBSA certified coaches as the most reliable people to assist players in developing their Free Throw Shooting skill.

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