Jim SchatzIn 2009, with help from Chuck Leve from my racquetball days, I put together a NBSA founders' group composed primarily of free throw masters, record holders and elite basketball shooting coaches.  One of the founders, James Burns, was a web site developer with a large internet firm and he and I designed our current website. Our mutual goal was and still is to improve basketball shooting at all levels in game time and shooting competitions, primarily improving the free throw and three-point percentages over all.  We accomplish our goal by collaboration amongst our NBSA experts, instructional articles and videos, and basketball shooting competitions.


In January 2010, I invited our top shooting masters to come to Los Angeles to meet and to shoot in a new kind of format that I had created called Championship Competition. I developed our current method of competing and our current ranking system in my weekly practice sessions with five-time Guinness record holder and honorary NBSA founder Fred Newman. Fred and I used to practice to prepare for senior games basketball shooting events.  We would alternate shooting sets of 25 free throws shots in a row and rebound for each other to simulate the competitions. After several rounds of 25 sets we would switch to shooting matches, best out of five, alternating shots. first to make 25, with sudden death if tied. This alternating shots type of competition was approved by the group as it created a tournament champion by seeding the top shooters from the age division competition into a draw sheet, to go head-to-head to determine a tournament champion in the finals. This type of competition was also needed to create a pro tour and ranking system.


We now have a new web site developer. His name is Denner and he is from Brazil. He recently gave me his estimate for what he feels we need to do technologically to open up our membership, to begin showing some profits and to be able to cover our ever-increasing expenses.  I have asked our original founders, my friends and business associates for donations to kick start our new direction and the reconstruction of our web site. Denner has reduced his price and the required deposit so we are starting now, as I just gave him the deposit from the donation funds already sent to me. Thanks again!


Denner is helping us in our next step towards receiving our initial funding. He has suggested we go on a crowdfunding website called Indiegogo. As Denner explained to me, he is a web designer with over 6 years of experience building websites, ranging from membership to E-commerce solutions using Wordpress, Joomla, Magento and other popular CMS. He is excited to be a part of NBSA’s website and looks forward to working with us.


IndieGoGo (https://www.indiegogo.com/about/our-story) is a popular crowdfunding website similar to Kickstarter and GoFundMe, with the advantage that it does not work with an “all-or-nothing” policy - meaning you can keep what you raised, even if it does not reach your original goal (https://www.indiegogo.com/how-it-works). Their payment processing system also allows to collect donations worldwide.

Using a crowdfunding website can open up the reach of donations to social media - at the moment I rely on my personal contacts - and we can use the NBSA Shooters website’s content, instructional and behind the scenes videos, photos, etc., to generate interest via NBSA’s Twitter profile and Facebook page.

Ideally we'll post links to the crowdfund project on Twitter & Facebook, two to three times a day, inviting everyone to donate and explaining the perks of joining the Association.  We will also use media profiles to introduce potential donors to the NBSA program by linking to articles on the website, upcoming events in which they will be able to participate, videos, photos, etc. We can also take advantage of targeted ads in both Facebook & Twitter to reach beyond NBSA’s current social reach.

WEBSITE RE-BUILD (written by Denner)

The first step with the NBSA website's re - build is to inspect and update the server’s configurations, update Drupal CMS (site’s current platform) from version 6.20 to 8.0.5. Next, we’ll convert it to the Wordpress CMS platform to begin re-design.


“Wordpress is probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today.” source: https://ithemes.com/tutorials/what-is-wordpress/


The new NBSA website will feature:


  • Responsive mobile friendly design, up to date with the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.

  • NBSA Store functionality will be setup using the WooCommerce plugin-                       which will allow to sell memberships and merch under one roof (site).

  • SSL Certificate install and configuration- this will encrypt all communications from and to the website, making sure personal informations are always stored safely.

  • Paypal or Authorize net payment gateways setup.

  • Membership packages and members area setup: NBSA new website will have the ability to offer exclusive content to its members.

  • Training: I will teach Jim how to use the site administrator’s dashboard, create blog posts for news items, media and photo uploads, etc.

  • 90-Day support and site updates.


In 2017, we will be adding to our two existing Fifth Annual NBSA World Basketball Shooting Championships ( 25 and over and 50 and over) with our First Annual NBSA Nationals for all ages (8 - 100), with 20 or more NBSA State Championships for the qualification for the NBSA Nationals.  Dates and location to be announced in October, 2016.  


This year we are finally reorganizing and opening up our NBSA membership again.  We have a free NBSA internet membership, an interactive video instructional paid membership and a paid NBSA tournament membership fee. All NBSA events will require a paid NBSA tournament membership for participation.  In 2016 and 2017 the fee will be $25 for adults over 18 and $15 for kids under 18.


In 2017, I envision and predict a minimum of 50 NBSA events to be held around throughout the country. I am beginning to set up and direct fund raisers for organizations, charities, churches and schools, which will be one of the responsibilities of all our new NBSA State Representatives.  


We need to find qualified volunteers who can take over the responsibility of setting up and directing our NBSA State Championships and NBSA charity and fund raising events. The entry fees for the NBSA state championships and all events set up are for the state representatives to keep. All the NBSA needs is the data from the event and the NBSA tournament memberships.  In 2017, it will NOT be mandatory to have a NBSA tournament membership to shoot in our state competitions but in order to qualify for the nationals and to receive a state, national and world ranking a paid NBSA tournament membership will be required.  


Of the NBSA Tournament membership fee, $10 will go back to the state representative for the adult membership and $5 goes back for the kids membership as part of their NBSA State tournament membership, which will be required to participate in 2018 and beyond. The candidate should be well organized and be willing to direct, with a paid and volunteer staff a minimum of one NBSA event per month. It is possible to make a decent living by solely doing state NBSA work.                            


You will not believe the great support and help you will receive from me and the NBSA National office. All the procedures and forms will be available to assist you earn a decent income. You will be part of a team and have ample opportunity to advance and have your voice heard in our efforts to improve ourselves and our communities.


I look forward to your comments and suggestions. I especial look forward to hearing back from you in regards to the NBSA State representative volunteer positions. Send your email to Jim Makevery Schatz at jim.freethrowmastery@gmail.com.

Thank - you for your encouragement and support.