The October NBSA World Basketball Shooting Championships

The October NBSA World Basketball Shooting Championships, in conjunction with the Nevada State Senior Games (LV) and Huntsman World Senior Games.

By Jim “Makevery” Schatz

THE NEVADA SENIOR GAMES, IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE NBSA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF BASKETBALL SHOOTING EVENT, is always on a Sunday, sandwiched between the two shooting events that take place in Utah at the Huntsman World Sr. Games. This gives the elite masters of shooting three intensive days of the toughest competition in basketball shooting.  The 2013 NV Games were held Sunday, Oct. 13, while the Huntsman shooting events took place Saturday/Monday, October 12 and 14.

In Las Vegas, many new NBSA consecutive records in competition were established.  76 year old Bob McCoid won the “Three Point Mastery” competition going 25 for 25 in the semi finals (five shots at five spots) and continuing with 20 more in a row in the finals for the current NBSA three point competition record of 45 in a row.  (While we don't shoot these matches with a time clock like the NBA does, the shooters are still quick to shoot.)  

Eddie Palubinskas and Ronn Wyckoff, both NBSA founders, set the new  “Free Throw Mastery” consecutive competition record in the semi finals going perfect, to end at 43-42. At 25-25 the shooters went into sudden death. Eddie "P" prevailed when Ronn unfocused and missed on his 43rd attempt.  In the NBSA World Free Throw Mastery Championship Final, Mike Scudder defeated Eddie 25-24 to pick up another NBSA free throw mastery championship and title.  Mike, who is called the King of Free Throw, continued to dominate and remain in the top 4 with Eddie Palubinskas, Dave Hopla and Rick Rosser in the NBSA Free Throw Mastery World Rankings.

Bob McCoid won the 60 second timed event, called the “Make Every Shot Challenge”, and I want to remind you again that he is 76 years old.  James Pauley, Noah Basketball's number one ranked shooter, who is also their representative in Southern California, was the finalist in both the “Make Every Shot Challenge” and the “Three Point Mastery” events.  

Eight shooters qualified for both the “Free Throw Mastery” and “Three Point Mastery” competitions.  In the free throw, there were (4) perfect 25's, (1) 24 and (3) 23's.  The Las Vegas qualifying field in the free throw event was 96.5%, and after the alternating shots competition that average shot up to 97.4%.  


Below are the age division medal rounds winners. (Coming Soon)

The NBSA/HUNTSMAN WORLD SENIOR FREE THROW MASTERY CHAMPIONSHIP was held in St. George, UT, Monday, October 14, immediately after their combined free throw/three point age division events.  We just took the free throw scores and qualified the top 16 shooters.  Of the 16 qualifiers one was from the women's free throw/three point competition - Ann O'Neill - and she made it all the way to the finals, finally losing to Eddie Palubinskas, the 2013 NBSA/Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Mastery Champion.

There were no records set here but it was a wonderful display of shooting mastery. There were (2) 25's, 8 (24's) and 6 (23's) in the qualifying, for a total of 94.7%.  After the alternating shooting, the over all average went up to close to 96%.

The 2013 NBSA/Huntsman Qualifiers: Left to right, front row - Eddie Palubinskas, Jack Eichorn, Duane Shaw, Steve Hoagland, J.D. Clark, Stephen Fiske, Phillip Wasden, Ann O' Neill, Bob McCoid, Harry Carothers.  Left to right, standing - Kim Atwater, Gary Waldron, Ronn Wyckoff and Jim "Makevery" Schatz.  

 Ed Palubinskas, Ann O'Neill, and Jim Schatz

NBSA/Huntsman World Free Throw Champions: Ed Palubinskas (L) winner, Ann O'Neill (C) runner-up, Jim "Makevery" Schatz (R) tournament director.

Below are all the age division Huntsman results. (Coming Soon)

By Jim “Makevery” Schatz

The NBSA,, was established in 2009 by a group of free throw mastery shooters and teachers.  Our goal was and still is to improve basketball shooting at all levels, be it shooting events or in game time.  

For years, Fred Newman, free throw master and five time Guinness record holder, and I have practiced together.  We shoot sets of 25 and then shoot alternating shots, first to 25 with a sudden death, if tied. Many times we shoot best three out of five in the alternating shot practice competition.  

I was convinced back in 2009 that this alternating shot format would be well received by the basketball shooting community. I felt it could produce a tournament champion by qualifying the top scores and then seeding the shooters into a single elimination draw sheet so we would end with an over all tournament champion.

In January of 2010, many of the NBSA founders and top shooting masters (Eddie Palubinskas, Fred Newman, Bob Owen, Ronn Wyckoff, Rick Rosser, Arnold Heilemann) and three students of mine came to Los Angeles to meet and to try this new championship competition format I created.  We shot two tournaments over two days, seeding the master shooters into our championship draw sheet according to their 25 shot set individual scores. Afterwards, it was unanimously agreed upon that this alternating shots, single elimination competition would be the NBSA championship format.  


In 2010, I directed a few more NBSA events with the NBSA masters and a few events locally and we were now ready to bring this format to the masses.  We ran our first major NBSA shooting event in October at the Nevada State Senior Games, which is now our annual NBSA World Championship of Basketball Shooting (all ages in conjunction with the Nevada Senior Games event - Free Throw Mastery, Three Point Mastery and The Make Every Shot Challenge) and at the Huntsman World Senior Games where we now hold our annual NBSA/ Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Championship.  

Unfortunately, in 2012, we only had our NBSA World Championship at the Nevada State Senior Games.  

We are now back at the Huntsman World Senior Games and plan on continuing with both championship events annually.  


This year we were once again sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods with the Wilson Evolution our official tournament basketball as it has been since 2011.  I personally selected the Wilson Evolution as our official tournament basketball because of its great quality and feel.  

We welcome back our 2011 ball return sponsor, Quikshot USA.  The NBSA endorses this product as being the finest ball return system in its field.  The top ten in the NBSA world free throw ranking all endorse and practice with it.

A new product recently appeared on the basketball market called the Free Throw Trainer and I am happy to say they are now one of our major sponsors.

I am thrilled to be able to introduce this great practice tool.  The free throw trainer is extremely helpful and I am now using it every practice session.  I have never shot better.  The Free Throw Trainer could make Noah Basketball obsolete.  For just $19.95 you can shoot the perfect arc every time.  (Why spend nearly $7,000 for a Noah, when you could get much better results with this simple, inexpensive training device?)  


The two October, 2013 NBSA basketball shooting championships ran smoothly and the shooters continue to praise the events, as their shooting improves every year.  If you haven't attended one of our October NBSA championship events in Las Vegas and St. George Utah please do and join the fun.