"Nothin' But Net!"

Two days ago I received a simple but unique little appendage that clips on the front of a basketball rim to aid in focusing on the target for improving one's shot.

Today, I gave a lesson in free throw shooting to a player who was barely making 3 consecutinve shots.  An hour later he was up to 7 consecutive shots and making 8/10.

By having the shooter focus on hitting the extended yellow post of the Free Throw Trainer  (www.FreeThrowTrainer.com), the ball dropped more cleanly within the target space. 

Granted, I worked on balance, finger placement, form, release and other adjustments, but the Free Throw Trainer gave a visual marker for arc and targeting.

When I put the Free Throw Trainer up, the first day,  I only made 95/100, adjusting my aim for the device.  Took a little practice to move my focus to a smaller object, when I am used to having a broader focus on the opening in the rim. 

While my shooting percentage is normally a little higher, I wanted to give the Trainer a good test.  As I aimed to hit the device, I sometimes undershot and hit the rim, though each time I did hit the upright post high, the ball went in. 

I feel the Free Throw Trainer will be a good learning device for beginning shooters or for correcting shooters with targeting issues.

Today, having adjusted to shooting at the yellow upright post, I made 147/150 free throws (98%).  I went back to the 3-point line and made 10 in-a-row. 

I think this device does what it is supposed to do and will be a nice training aid for any shooter.  www.FreeThrowTrainer.com