“How I Shoot Over 96% Free Throws”

NBSA founding member, Coach Ronn Wyckoff, has just released his 21st basketball product – this one an e-book detailing his own year-long odyssey in becoming a free throw shooting master.

“How I Shoot Over 96% Free Throws”, is sixty-seven year-old, Coach Ronn’s response to wanting to help bring attention to the paltry free throw shooting taking place at all levels of competition.  He taught himself well and has three gold medals from competition this last summer to show for it.

Coach Ronn says he, “documented his attempts, frustrations, different methods, practice routine and results” in his latest book. He tells in text and shows with photos how he went from being an on-again-off-again free throw shooter to reaching a masters level (over 95%), shooting consistently over 96% every time he steps to the line.

It took shooting more than 35,000 free throws over the course of eleven months, but he now is able to teach from a level he never attained in his years of playing and coaching.  He was a good player and a prolific scorer and had a lot of coaching success, including teaching shooting, but now he feels he understands the whole mechanical shooting process in a way he never had uncovered during his 56-year career.

He isn’t the best, nor is he the first aging former player or coach to reach the forefront of free throw shooting mastery, but he hopes with this e-book to bring excitement and knowledge to teaching and performing free throws.

His sometimes witty, sometimes tongue-in-cheek writing style not only covers what he did to reach mastery, but then goes on to offer training tips for both beginners and seasoned players that could enable them to improve their shooting percentages.

“How I Shoot Over 96% Free Throws”, is now available through this website, at the STORE.

To learn more about Coach Ronn, to find out about his mentoring programs and to see his other 20 products, go to www.Top-Basketball-Coaching.com.