NBSA Management Team and Founding Members

NBSA Management Team

Coach James Pauley
James Pauley, Executive Director and Founding Member

“Coach P” has been playing and coaching basketball for more than 30 years and is in the process of establishing the San Diego Basketball Shooting Academy (sdbsa.org ).  His specialties are free throw and three point shooting, himself being a 97%+ free throw shooter and better than a 90% shooter from the top of the key.  More importantly, he is able to help anyone who wants to improve their shooting.  Besides basketball, "Coach P" runs the VIP Mentors program which provides guidance and encouragement to at-risk and underserved youth in San Diego County.


Dr. Jim Poteet, President & Founding Member

Dr. Jim Poteet Presently, President and Commissioner of the Association of Christian College Athletics http://www.accathletics.org. Dr. Poteet has an extensive background in sports and education, including as a basketball player, college coach, athletic director, and classroom teacher.

Himself a champion free throw shooter (96%+ in competition and exhibitions), Jim’s doctoral dissertation – The Paradox of the Free Throw – was written while working with Dr. Tom Amberry, holder of the Guinness World Record in free throw shooting. Dr. Poteet is internationally recognized as one of basketball’s free throw masters.


Ed Palubinskas, Vice President & Founding Member

Ed Palubinskas“The Surgeon General of Free Throw”, Eddie P is universally known as the best active free throw shooter on the planet. Still competing today, Ed is shooting over 99% in competition and exhibitions. He is one of the founders and a Board Member of the NBSA.

Ed has just been hired by Orlando Magic center, Dwight Howard, to be his shooting coach for the 2011-12 season.

Ed has many innovative instructional aides to his credit. He has produced some of the best DVDs on the art of shooting and he’s inventor of the “Smart Ball” – to assist players of all ages to improve shooting skill. See more at http://www.freethrowmaster.com.

Despite his many shooting accomplishments, Eddie P is probably best known for coaching Shaquille O’Neal. While under Ed’s tutledge, Shaq’s free throw success rate went from 33% to 66%, in one season during his Los Angeles Laker tenure. In 2009, after working with Ed in pre-season, the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA set a new team pro free throw shooting percentage of over 85%.


James Burns, Vice President & Founding Member

James is the president of CMS Website Services, a technology firm that specializes in developing websites and applications using open source software and an ambassador for COMACO, a non-profit organization that saves wildlife and ecosystems while reducing human poverty and hunger. James started shooting basketball at age 6, has been a fanatic ever since, and is a 90%+ free throw shooter.

Ronn Wyckoff, Secretary/Treasurer & Founding Member

Coach Ronn Wyckoff

Ronn has more than 55 years experience in basketball as a player, coach, lecturer, author, courtside commentator, referee, and international basketball consultant. He has coached from the playgrounds to four national teams and specializes in coaching both youth players and youth coaches, which is the specialty of his website Top Basketball Coaching. He is an international advocate of youth sports being for the youth (not the adults).

Ronn has also been a classroom teacher and athletic director, and is the author of several basketball teaching books and DVDs, including "How I Shoot Over 96% Free Throws".



Founding members at practice session in Los Angeles, Jan. 2010

Back Row L-R: Jim S., Ed, Ronn, Rick

Kneeling L-R: Arnold, Bob


Other Founding Members

Jim Schatz

Jim "Make Every" Shatz

Jim "Makevery" Schatz is the originator of NBSA and one of the leading authorities on basketball's free throw.  Jim is the author of, as yet unpublished book, "The Guide To Free Throw Mastery - Beyond Expectation".  Jim's background is professional sports.  He coached and played on the NRC racquetball pro tour during the early days of racquetball, was an open tennis player and played volleyball in college.  He also was the founder, president and tournament director of the Southern California Racquetball Association. Jim is currently the NBSA National Tournament Chairman and Director

Rick RosserRick Rosser

Rick has made 100 consecutive free throws at over 259 YMCAs, and over 50 other gyms and outdoor basketball courts.

Rick made 1,000 consecutive free throws 12 times, with a best of 2,118 free throws in a row.

Website: Focus Free Throws


Dave GibbonsDave Gibbons

Dave has 30 years experience in the sporting goods and fitness industries and has held senior executive positions at several leading companies including Wilson Sporting Goods, MacGregor Golf, Life Fitness and TaylorMade Adidas Golf. He is presently a Partner in the advisory firm Sports and Fitness Group SFG.
Dave has a deep passion for the game of basketball, particularly the art of shooting and free throws. He played NCAA basketball at Miami University in Ohio and is a consistent 92+% free throw shooter.
Involved with coaching youth basketball for over 10 seasons he is currently the shooting instructor for the Libertyville, Illinois Boys Junior Wildcats and Girls Lady Cats 5th thru 8th grade travel basketball programs.

Cindy MorrisonCindy Morrison

President/Owner CJN Auditing and Consulting Services, Baton Rouge, LA.

Played basketball and Graduated from Auburn University, 1985.
Coaches high school and middle school girls basketball and track in Baton Rouge.

Conducted middle school shooting clinics – “She Shoots… She Scores!” focusing on proper shooting techniques for young girls.


Rod KirschnerRod Kirschner

Rod Kirschner has 38 years of coaching and teaching basketball. He has coached at all levels of basketball, having won over 700 games in his career, coaching in Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Coach “K” has worked over 100 basketball camps around the U.S. and conducted camps for the Belgian government in summer 2000.

His passion for teaching shooting fundamentals and offensive moves has enabled him to develop over 70 players who have played at the college level. This includes a “Mr. Kansas Basketball” and several players who have been All-State Selections.

He has published, “The Drive Series” and “The Art of Shooting”. He is currently coaching high school basketball in Baton Rouge, LA and continues to travel around the country as a shooting/offensive moves consultant/instructor/lecturer. He owns Rocket Enterprises, a basketball consulting and instruction business.

Bob Fisher and 7 Guinness World RecordsBob Fisher

A member of the Kansas Basketball Coaches Association, Bob has coached at the youth and high school levels for over 20 years.

Bob currently holds two Guinness World Records for the most
basketball free throws made in one minute (50) and two minutes (88); set two months apart in early 2010.

Fisher is the first to advocate matching a player's fingers to the curvature of the ball, based on the players' individual characteristics.  Bob introduces his game-changing basketball shooting methodology, termed, the "Multiple Method Shooting System" (MMSS), in his recent video, "The Secrets of Shooting".

Read about Bob's amazing world record shooting feats at:


Bob is CEO/President of Fisher Sharp Shooters, LLC - http://www.secretsofshooting.com

Arnold HeilemannArnold Heilemann

Arnold Heilemann is an entrepreneur, businessman, investor, nonprofit organization founder, and president and community leader.  He has a master’s degree in engineering and owns his own business in the Santa Clarita Valley, in the north part of Los Angeles.

Arnold is a student of free throw mastery, a basketball fan and brings his over 50 years of successful business, management and administrative experience to our association.

Bob OwenBob Owen

Being from Indiana means Bob just naturally has basketball running through his blood.  Bob has won 40 medals (17 gold) in 11 years as a basketball competitor at the Huntsman World Senior Games held annually in St. George, Utah. He will be inducted into the HWSG Hall of Fame on Oct. 5, 2011, just before the start of the games' silver anniversary.


  • Jas Thiara
  • Hiram Akina 

Honorary Members

Dr. Tom Amberry

Dr. Tom Amberry

Dr. Tom Amberry, a retired podiatrist, is now 87 years old and still shoots at 98%, or better.  In 1993, Dr Tom broke the second most difficult record to break in free throw (the game time consecutive record being the hardest).  Dr. Tom’s Guinness Book free throw record of 2,750 ending on a make, took 12 hours to accomplish, stopping only because the gym was closing for the night.

Of interest: He wrote the first book on free throws only, titled “Free Throw, Seven Steps To Success At The Free Throw Line”.  As all American college player, the then 6’7”, Amberry lead the nation in scoring two years in a row.   A natural lefty, while learning to shoot prolific numbers of free throws, he hurt his left shoulder causing him to switch arms and learn to shoot with the right.  It was with his right arm, nearly two years after switching hands, that he set his world record.

Fred Newman

Fred Free Throw NewmanFred Newman is the holder of five recognized free throw Guinness records:   Highest percentage for 24 hours (98.2%);   Most free throws made in 24 hours (20, 371);  Most free throws made in 10 minutes using two balls (388);  Most free throw made in a row blind folded (88) and Most free throws made in an hour (1639), done on a live Japanese television show.  His hour record isn't even his best.  He made over 1,800 in an hour when he was younger, at an NBA all star game.  Fred also can be seen on Youtube making 209 three point shots in a row, which is also the record.

All Fred's records are documented, witnessed and seen on either Youtube or television.  His best in a row at the free throw line is over 1500.

Only Dr. Tom Amberry has won more gold medals than Fred, while competing at the free throw line.


Ted St. Martin

Ted St. MartinTed St Martin is known for his records in consecutive free throw shooting.   In 1977 he made 2,036 in a row. That remained the consecutive free throw mark until Dr. Tom Amberry broke that record in 1993, making 2,750 free throws in a row - ending on a make.

Ted re-claimed the record in 1996 by making 5,221 consecutive free throws. Ted is in his 70's now and still does exhibitions, teaching and coaching.  His book, “The Art of Shooting Baskets”, is a best seller.  Check out his website at: Sharp Shooter Free Throws