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The 5th Annual NBSA National Masters Invitational Championships




John Wooden (1910 - 2010)

A man who demonstrated character in every aspect of his being and life.   


Steve Alford's All American Work Out / Part II

Steve Alford is probably best know as Mr. Indiana and as being an All American and NCAA Division I Champion during his Indiana University days, playing for the famous coach, Bobby Knight.  They won a Division I NCAA Championship together. Steve is considered one of the elite Division I head coaches today.  Steve's father was instrumental in Steve's development, being a great basketball coach himself.

Dallas Maverick's Free Throw Coach, Gary Boren, Shares Some Of His Knowledge And Proves Once And For All He Can Shoot.

Gary Boren has been with the Dallas Mavericks through many head coach changes and he remains the only recognized, successful, free throw coach in the NBA.  We wish he would share more of his instructional secrets here.  Gary has published much of his understanding in books and videos.  His early foundation came during the years he was mentored by free throw champion and coach Denny Price.

Dr. Tom Amberry Sets A Consecutive Free Throw Record / A Little Instruction / Dr. Tom Instructs A Very Attractive Playboy Bunny

Unfortunately, there is no video of Dr. Tom setting his conscetive free throw record of 2,750. That would have been a lot of video but interesting to the free throw purist.  It took Dr. Tom 12 hours to set his record.  This is because he took three bounces and has a loop in his style and motion.  He also took a 5 minute break every 25 minutes.  He set his Guinness world record with the required number of witnesses.  They closed the gym on him after he had passed Ted St. Martins record, by over 600 makes, so he ended his record on a make - perfect 2,750 for 2,750.

The World's Greatest Free Throw Shooter / Ted St. Martin / 5221 in a row

Ted will go down in all of history as the best free throw shooter ever.  No one has come close to equaling his consecutive free throw record since he set it.  Over ten years ago, the last consecutive free throw record holder, Dr. Tom Amberry made 2,750 in a row ending on a make, beating Ted's record then by over 600 makes.  He probably wishes now that he could have continued shooting as it seems Ted has put the consecutive free throw record out of touch.  Dr. Tom had beaten Ted's record then only to be left behind later by a tenacious Ted.

Correcting Shooting Errors With Dr. Hal Wissel

Dr. Hal Wissel is considered to be one of the best shooting instructors in the game of basketball.  He has had a very wide influence on many of the elite NBA and NCAA players and coaches.  In this video he shares his knowledge and teaching techiques.     

Dave Hopla Teaching And Demonstrating His Free Throw Mastery Style

Dave Hopla is well known for his NBA shooting instruction and is considered one of the best exhibition shooters in the world, making practically every shot from every where. Dave is active doing instructional shooting camps all over the USA.  

Ray Allen / Prettiest Jump Shot In The NBA / Free Throw (Left side view)

Ray Allen is one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA.  See how he also does an isometric while at the free throw line, like Steve Nash, before receiving the basketball from the ref.  He's super quick once he has the ball in his hands.