National Basketball Shooters Association

The NBSA was established in November of 2009 by a group of free throw masters and world record holders with a mission to improve free throw shooting at all levels of competition. The NBSA will accomplish its mission by:

  • Collaborating with free throw experts around the world to organize, develop, and provide the best free throw instruction possible via expert articles, books, videos, clinics, and practice programs for individuals and teams.
  • Making free throw shooting fun and competitive via individual and team competitions and ranking systems.
  • Publishing research, news, and stats that validate the importance of free throws in winning basketball games.

Do You Think You Can Shoot Basketball?

NBSA Winners To Receive Top Prize From QuikShot USA

The winners of the Wilson/NBSA Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Championship, October 5 (women) and October 10 (men), held in St. George, UT, and the winner of the Wilson/NBSA Nevada State Senior Free Throw Championship, being held in Las Vegas October 9, each will receive a pro model QuikShotUSA ball return system.

NBSA and Wilson Co-Sponsor Events

NBSA (National Basketball Shooters Association) and Wilson Sporting Goods are teaming up again - this time using Wilson Evolution basketballs. The Evolution will be the official NBSA tournament ball for their upcoming single elimination finals at the Wilson/NBSA/Nevada State Senior Championship, in Las Vegas, followed by the Wilson/NBSA/Huntsman World Senior Men's Free Throw Championship in St. George, UT the next day.

NBSA Founding Member To Be Hall of Famer

NBSA founding member, Bob Owen likes to shoot. The 67 year old Owen has been a good shooting player since he was a kid and, come this fall, Owen will be a Hall of Famer, when he’s inducted into the Huntsman World Senior Games Hall of Fame, in St. George Utah.

Dwight Howard Hires NBSA Founding Member, Ed Palubinskas as His New Shooting Coach

David Baumann of Bright House Sports Network reports that Dwight Howard hired NBSA founding member, Ed Palubinskas, as his new shooting coach.

Wilson/NBSA Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Championship; NBSA/Nevada State Games Free Throw Championship

The Huntsman World Senior Games and the National Basketball Shooters Association have partnered to hold the first annual Huntsman/NBSA World Senior Free Throw Championship on October 5th (women) and 10th (men), 2011 in St. George, Utah.

An Open Letter From Ed Palubinskas, Inviting You To Become An NBSA Member

Thanks from all of us at NBSA for your interest and consideration in our new venture or quest to seek shooting excellence and ultimate perfection. Excellence and perfection are feats that are able to be attained but more difficult to be maintained. You will learn that this quest for shooting perfection also will teach you more about self-mastery and life itself.

Welcome to the NBSA

National Basketball Shooters Association


The NBSA was formed late in 2009. NBSA is a non-profit organization, founded by a group of free throw masters (shooting over 96% in practice and competition) and free throw record holders, whose mission is simply: To elevate free throw percentages at all levels of competition through our conceptualized instruction and free throw mastery programming. 

The NBSA also intends to sanction and run a series of National and International  free throw mastery tournaments.  Many of our sanctioned tournaments will offer FREE clinic instruction from our very best teachers and coaches.  This tournament series will be conducted at local, state, and regional levels, and will culminate at our National and International finals.

Until the basketball role models--NBA, WNBA and top collegiate players and teams--make a concerted effort to improve their free throw shooting percentages, younger players are not going to take the need for better free throw shooting seriously.  And, coaches will continue to be (as a group) less than adequately prepared and willing to set up proper team programing and teach NBSA approved free throw shooting fundamentals and perfect practice theory. Whatever is done at the higher levels is emulated at the younger levels of play. When free throw shooting percentages improve at the highest levels, youngsters will want to be better at the free throw line also.

The average U.S. high school and college player today is still shooting at or below 70% from the free throw line.  Even the NBA and WNBA barely get over 70%. Sure, there are individuals who shoot with mastery from the line, at over 85% or better during games, but they are few and far between. In the 60 plus year history of the NBA, there are less than 50 players who achieved 85% or better from the free throw line during their entire playing careers.

So, why the low free throw shooting percentages when there is

no defense and no hurry?

The answer is basically two-fold. First, players fail to set up a perfect practice schedule and end up practicing indiscriminately, which leads to inconsistency and lack of confidence. They don't understand what perfect practice is nor do they understand proper free throw practice procedures and how to incorporate free throw practice into their workouts to simulate real game situations.  Secondly, there are so many conflicting ideas about how to teach shooting and the free throw that few coaches are able to teach free throw mastery. Most head coaches don't have the ability to shoot and demonstrate free throw mastery, which is 96% or better in practice. (How can you teach free throw mastery when you cannot demonstrate or entirely understand the principles?)

Join the NBSA and Learn How To Become a Free Throw Master

Do you shoot free throws well, or want to, or know someone who does? Are you tired of players, coaches and leagues that don't take free throw shooting seriously and you'd like to do something about it? If you're interested in being aligned with the NBSA, helping us set up and run sanctioned free throw mastery tournaments, or improving your own shooting ability, or even becoming a free throw master then register for a free NBSA website account or click here to contact us via email and let us know your interests.