2015 NBSA World Invitational Basketball Shooters Championships

Most of the top NBSA master shooters were there.  It was the biggest turn out yet for the 4th Annual NBSA World Invitational Basketball Shooters Championships, which is now held every year in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the Nevada State Senior Games.

(Nevada State Senior Games results:  Coming Soon)

Invitational results:

2015 NBSA World Free Throw Champion -  John Ackerman / Finalist - Bob McCoid

2015 NBSA World Three Point Champion - James Pauley / Finalist - Bob McCoid

2015 NBSA World Make Every Shot Champion - James Pauley (55-59 age group) / JJ Garwood (30-34 age group)

James Pauley's current NBSA record of 62 for the Make Every Shot Challenge was tied by JJ Garwood in the qualifying round. JJ Garwood was our top shooting master under 50.  He qualified for all three Championship play-offs and is a NBSA master shooter and future champion.

The longest and most entertaining match of the event was in the free throw.  Bob Owen (70-74) and Mike Anderson (50-54) went toe to toe in the quarter finals to set the new free throw, alternating shots, competition record of 108 to 107, with Bob winning and moving on to the semi finals. 

The Three Point final between James Pauley (55-59) and Bob McCoid (75-79) was awesome also as the match went back and forth with both champions missing only 3 out of 25 shots until the end, at shot 27, when Bob missed and James came through and made his for the title.

The winners received trophies and prize money.  For next year's Invitational event we are planning on having more master shooters, bigger trophies and more cash prizes.  Information on our 2016 October events will be available in May 2016 at the NBSA web site.