2014 NBSA Invitational World Basketball Shooters Championships / NBSA / Huntman World Senior Free Throw Championship

The NBSA was originally established in 2009 to create a shooting

program designed to improve basketball shooting in game time.  Not

only improve basketball shooting in game time but to create a separate

international, national, regional and local sport of just basketball

shooting.  The founders of the NBSA are among the world's best shooters and

teachers of shooting.


Basketball shooting events have been in existence for a lot of years

but only for the seniors (50 and over) in senior games and for kids in

the Elks (12 and under) and Knights of Columbus (14 and under)

programs.  The NBSA set out to provide these kind of shooting

tournaments and events for the kids and young adults that are playing

the game of basketball (ages 14 to 49) as well as the seniors, because we

know the kind of tournament focus and concentration totally on just shooting is most

important to improvement.


To improve, a shooter needs to know his/her current practice

percentage through keeping daily records and of course to understand

basketball shooting fundamentals and how to practice.  This is why we

exist and why we offer NBSA shooting instruction at all our major

championship events.  We are here to help!  We offer basketball

shooting instruction from the world's NBSA top shooters at all our

major tournament championship events.


In the NBSA top ten world rankings you will find many of the best basketball

shooters and teachers of shooting in the world, many of whom are the original

NBSA founders: Jim "Makevery" Schatz, Eddie Palubinskas, Fred Newman,

Dr. Tom Amberry, Dave Hopla, Rick Rosser, Bob Owen, Ted St. Martin,

James Pauley, Ronn Wyckoff, Dr. Jim Poteet, Bob McCoid, Duane Shaw,

John Ackerman, Rod Kirshner, Kay Seameyer and Ann O'Neil.


2015 NBSA World Free Throw Rankings: 1-Ed Palubinskas, 2-Mike Scudder,

3-Rick Rosser, 4-Dave Hopla, 5-Bob Owen, 6-James Pauley, 7-Ronn

Wyckoff, 8-Bob McCoid, 9-Duane Shaw 10-Ann O'Neil.


We have been holding our World Invitational basketball shooters event

in conjunction with the Nevada State Senior Games in October every

year since 2011.  We qualify the 8 top scores from the age division competition

n free throw (25 shots) and qualify the 8 top scores from the age divison competition

in the three point competion (25 shots from 5 positions) and then seed them into a

free throw and three point draw where they go head to head,

first to make 25, sudden death if tied. Winner moves on to the next round.


Our third shooting event is probably the most fun and is called the

(sponsor to be named) "Make Every Shot Challenge" and it's a 60 second timed

event. In the timed event we take the top two shooters who scored the

highest in the age division competition and let then compete against

each other for the title.


Our over all (results of all three events) 2014 World Invitational

Basketball Shooters Champion was James Pauley.  He set the bar

extremely high in 2014 by winning all three events over a stellar

field of veteran NBSA shooters. The first time any of our shooters

have been that dominate.


James Pauley is also the #1 shooter on Noah Basketball's shooter’s

ladder.  He is the Southern California Noah Basketball rep,

www.noahbasketball.com, and he is one of the busiest shooting coaches

in basketball, selling and giving free Noah Basketball clinics

primarily in Southern California and also coaching the NBSA shooting

program for various high schools and colleges.


2014 World Invitation Basketball Shooters Championship results:


The Make Every Shot Challenge winner - James Pauley (Score - 62, which

is the current NBSA record)


Free Throw Championship Winner - James Pauley / Finalist Bob McCoid


Three Point Championship Winner - James Pauley / Finalist Bob McCoid